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High Density Fiber Adapter Panel User Guide

With the rapid development of optical network, data center cabling has become increasingly sophisticated, making cable management all the more important. Since cable spaghetti isn’t only extremely hard on your dignity and your eyes, a cable mess can actually hinder your ability to troubleshoot vital IT issues. Without well-organized cables, it could cost you more than just a headache. To save your data center from a tangled mess, some useful tools like fiber adapter panel can help you a lot. This article will mainly introduce FS.COM FHX high density fiber adapter panels to you.

Types of FHX Fiber Adapter Panel

FHX ultra fiber adapter panel is a kind of extractable high density fiber adapter panel, designed to provide easy management of MACs of connections in data center, as simple as Plug & Play. There are three different types of ultra high density fiber adapter panels, namely FHX LC adapter panels (3 Ports LC Quad Connector), FHX SC adapter panels (3 Ports SC Duplex Connector) and FHX MTP adapter panels (6 Ports MTP Connector). Without taking up a lot of space, these FHX fiber adapter panels are perfect for increasing the bandwidth and connection density of your fiber network.

 fiber adapter panel

Application of FHX Fiber Adapter Panel

FHX ultra adapter panels are available for one-hand installation and removal, which reduced MAC time, suitable for FHX series enclosure to allow for future growth, and allows for routing and protection of fibers without disturbing adjacent circuits. They can be loaded with 12 with FHX series enclosure to provide a means to connect backbone-to-backbone or backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. FHX ultra fiber enclosure is designed with optimum serviceability and manageability, which enables data center technicians to quickly and safely complete moves, adds and changes while simultaneously providing the scalability to increase density as business demands evolve.

Fiber Enclosure plus Fiber Adapter Panel

The small form factor is designed for more rugged cabling. Outside the fiber retaining fingers of fiber adapter panel can be routed straight back to avoid the possibility of kinking. It can also reduce congestion within and between racks for improved airflow, and less risk of downtime due to pinched or bent cables.

Benefits of FHX Fiber Adapter Panel

FHX fiber adapter panels highlight smaller form factor, more rugged cabling. The locking position exists on the slide tray of the fiber adapter panel to avoid the possibility of kinking. It can also reduce congestion within and between racks for improved airflow, and less risk of downtime due to pinched or bent cables. It is built for next-generation density demands. The main benefits and features of FHX fiber adapter panel can be summarized in the following points.

  • Easy one-hand installation and removal, reducing MAC time
  • Suitable for FHX series enclosure to allow for future growth
  • Allows for routing and protection of fibers without disturbing adjacent circuits
  • High-precision ceramic sleeve ensures maximum connection between fiber jumpers
  • Complies with UL-94-V-0, standard for safety of flammability of plastic materials
  • Equipped with Special Buckle that is ready to install, easy operation, maximum operability and minimum downtime


The importance of a good cable management is needless to say. Of course, it’s great to have a lot of space within a cabinet so that you can accommodate as many cables as you need, but having a bunch of cables with a lack of organization or structure can turn into a nightmare. And that’s why you need tools like fiber adapter panels to keep all the cables neatly and tightly secured in place. With the help of fiber adapter panel, you can build the system the way you please both technically and aesthetically.

How to Make Full Use of Fiber Enclosure

Fiber enclosure is now being widely used in data center to provide high density and safe cabling environment in data centers or server room. With the cabling density of the data center becoming higher and higher, fiber enclosures are asked to provide more functions and more flexible cabling environment for various applications. A previous blog post of mine—Which Fiber Patch Enclosure Fits Your Data Center Application—has introduced various types of the fiber enclosures that are commonly used. Selecting the right fiber enclosure is necessary. The right use of fiber enclosure is also very important. This post will offer details about how to make full use of fiber enclosure in data center for flexible and manageable cabling environment.

Important Accessories for Flexible Cabling

When you buy an empty fiber enclosure, no matter it is a slide-out one or fixed one, there are many accessories like screws and grommet. The front panel of the fiber enclosure might not be loaded. There are several accessories that can directly determine the way you use a fiber enclosure. Taking the example of a 1U slide-out fiber enclosure as example (shown in the following picture), the following will introduce three popular ways to use fiber enclosures with different accessories. The accessories required are separately, splice tray & FAP (fiber adapter panel), slack spool & FAP and HD MTP cassettes.

1U fiber enclosure

Fiber Enclosure for Fiber Splicing Joints

Accessories required for fiber splicing joints in this fiber enclosure are splice tray and FAPs. The splicing tray can be installed on the slide-out drawer of the fiber enclosure for fiber splicing joints storing and cabling. An additional multi-fiber pigtail is also required to be fusion spliced with the input fiber optic cable. Then this fiber pigtail will be connected to the FAPs installed on the front panel. The following picture shows the loaded and connected fiber enclosure for fiber optic splicing joints.

fiber enclosure for splicing joints

Fiber Enclosure for Patch Cord Connections

Patch cording connection fiber enclosure is very common. Just install two slack spools and four fiber adapter panel on this fiber enclosure. It could provide an easy-to-manage environment for fiber patch cables. The two spools installed in the slide-out drawer can help to manage these fiber patch cords The following picture shows a breakout fiber patch cable installed in the fiber enclosure and being well organized by the spools.

fiber enclosure with spools

Fiber Enclosure for MTP Interface to LC Interface Transferring

With the deployment of 40G/100G network, the transferring between 40G/100G MTP interfaces and 10G LC interfaces is requires. To minimize the installation time and ensure the connection quality, MTP cassettes are widely used. This 1U rack mount fiber enclosure can hold up to 4 HD MTP cassettes. The following picture shows the loaded fiber enclosure with four HD MTP cassettes which are connected by several input MTP trunk cables.

fiber enclosure with MTP cassettes


Using different accessories fiber enclosures can meet diverse cabling environment requirements. The above mentioned three methods are the most commonly used ones. Kindly visit FS.COM or contact sales@fs.com for more details about fiber enclosure, if you are interested.

Which Fiber Patch Enclosure Fits Your Data Center Application?

Fiber patch enclosure, providing solid fiber optic links protection and easy & fast cable management, is becoming a must-have component in data center and server room fiber cabling. As data center cabling requirements are various, fiber patch enclosures also have a lot of designs. Selecting the right fiber patch enclosures can largely increase the working efficiency and decrease the costs for labor and time. Which fiber patch enclosure knows fits your data center requirements best? Here will introduce several most commonly used and affordable fiber patch enclosures that are used for data center cabling.

Fiber Patch Enclosure Overall Design

There are two widely used designs of fiber patch enclosures in general: wall mount fiber patch enclosure and rack mount fiber patch enclosure. The functions of the two types fiber patch enclosures can be literally understood. Usually, a wall mount enclosure can be installed directly on wall for fiber cabling. A rack mount fiber patch enclosure usually has a industry standard 19 inch wide rack unit (RU) design and can be installed on a rack for fiber cabling. For higher fiber count, the rack mount fiber enclosure could be 2/4/6/12RU or more.

fiber enclosure

The rack mount fiber patch enclosure also has two versions in general. One is a fixed one with a lid which can be removed from the enclosure for fiber cabling, the other one is a slide-out fiber patch enclosure. Currently, the most popular rack mount fiber patch enclosure is usually has a slide-out design, which allows customers to remove the whole enclosure from the rack and provides easier internal fiber connection access.

rack mount fiber enclosure

Fiber Patch Enclosures With Different Front Panel

The front panel of a fiber patch enclosure is also very important which can directly affects the fiber count that an enclosure can provide and the cabling methods. To fit various fiber cabling environments and network applications, the fiber patch enclosure front panels come in a variety of types. Here will introduces several most popular fiber enclosures with different front panel designs.

fiber enclosure front panel
Fiber Patch Enclosure With Fixed Front Adapter Panel

A fixed front adapter panel is usually a 19 inch wide fiber adapter panel which can be installed on the fiber patch enclosure to accommodate various fiber optic connectors. The port number and fiber adapter type will determine the fiber count and connector types that can be installed with the fiber patch enclosures. The following picture shows a 1U fiber adapter panel loaded with 24 duplex LC adapters which can provide up to 48 fiber optic connections. This fiber adapter panel can be installed on fiber patch enclosure working as the front panel.

12-duplex LC fiber adapter panel
Fiber Patch Enclosure With Removable Adapter Panels

Driven by the requirement for higher cabling density and flexible cabling methods, the front panel of a fiber patch enclosure could be composed by several individual fiber adapter panels which could be loaded with the same or different types of fiber optic adapters. Meanwhile, these individual fiber adapter panels can provide various types of adapters and higher cabling density. Generally, up to three 12 duplex LC port fiber adapter panels with industry standards can be installed on a 1U rack mount fiber enclosure. However, a smaller version of fiber adapter panel is also provided. Up to four 12 duplex port fiber adapter panels can be installed on a 1U rack mount fiber enclosure.

fiber optic adapter
Fiber Patch Enclosure With Removable MTP/MPO Cassettes

The fiber adapter panel that installed on the fiber enclosures required additional internal fiber cabling, which usually uses fiber pigtails. As 40G/100G fiber networks which use MTP/MPO interfaces are gradually being deployed in today’s data center, the cabling methods become more complex. To simplify the cabling methods, MTP/MPO cassettes are being introduced to the market. Up to three LGX MTP/MPO cassettes can be installed on a 1U fiber panel enclosure. With these cassettes, the internal cabling of a fiber patch enclosure could be eliminated. For higher cabling density, there is also a high density cassette. Up to four of the HD MTP/MPO cassettes can be installed on a 1U fiber panel.

MTP/MPO cassette


The above mentioned fiber patch enclosures are the most commonly used ones in today’s applications. The cabling environments of every data center are different. Finding the right fiber patch enclosures means a lot. Excepted standard fiber enclosures, there are also a lot of customized fiber enclosures that are provided in FS.COM. Customer can design their own fiber patch enclosures in FS.COM according to their own applications.

Several Fiber Adapter Panels

Fiber Adapter Panel is used for patching fiber cable to the termination enclosure like fiber wall cabinets, rack mount fiber cabinets or rack mount fiber shelf. It enables you to make quick and easy fiber patch panel connections as they can snap into the enclosures easily.

Fiber adapter panels are with different connection types, such as FC, SC, LC, ST, MTRJ and MTP. What’s more, there are unloaded and blank fiber adapter panels. Fiber adapter panels can be divided into single-mode and multimode, and fiber ranges from 6 to 360 in each panel. According to working ways, fiber adapter panels are divided into simplex and duplex. FiberStore Fiber adapter panels have the features as following.

. Loaded with FC, SC, LC, ST, MTRJ and unloaded blanks
. Simplex and duplex (3-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack or 12-pack)
. Metal, Plastic, or Ceramic sleeves
. Ideal for 6-fibers, 8-fibers, 12-fibers, 24-fibers and 72-fibers applications
. Compatiable with all ICC’s rack, wall mount fiber enclousures and fiber patch panels
. LC and SC adapter housing colors follow the TIA/EIA-568-C.3 suggested color identification scheme.

6-pack Plastic LC Fiber Adapter Panel

. Compatible with Leviton fiber adapter panels
. LC style, fit for all Opt-X rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures and VertiGO® panels
. Equipped with plastic dust caps to make connecting panels tool-free and efficient
. Integrated couplers eliminate “rattle” and loose fit
. Captive push-lock pins allow for quick tool-less installation
. Exceeds optical performance standards and meets all other applicable standards

6-pack Ceramic SC Fiber Adapter Panel

Duplex SC ceramic ferrule adapter panels double the capacity of simplex SC adapter panels and fit all fiber optic blank patch panels, rack and wall mount enclosures.

. Viable solution for high speed data transmission and broadband internet
. Provides a safe and secure means for connecting the fiber optic cables between external distribution and the active components
. Provides an easy-to-use method of connecting and routing fiber optic circuits with neat and clean appearance
. Plush pins provide a secure and snug fit
. Designed to fit ICFORPP1RM and ICFORPP2RM blank fiber optic patch panels, ICFOR fiber optic rack mount enclosures, and ICFOD fiber optic wall mount enclosures
. Compatible with both multimode and singlemode SC fiber assemblies.

Blank fiber adapter panels reserve fiber adapter panel space for future use.

6-pack Metal Blank Fiber Adapter Panel

. Compatible with Leviton Lightspace molded fiber adapter panels
. Industry standard style (LGX® footprint) adapter plates fit in all Light
. Space wall-mount, rack-mount, rack-mount enclosures, and NIDs
. Captive push/pull fasteners allow for quick, tool-free installation and removal
. Available in SC, ST, LC, and MTP

FiberStore fiber adapter panels meet the specification of Leviton and Corning. Every adapter panel is equipped with plastic dust caps to make connecting panels tool-free and efficient.