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Commonly Used Fiber Optic Cleaners

As cleanliness of the interfaces in fiber optic networks can directly affect the transmission quality, fiber optic cleaning is a must-have process during fiber optic network installation, testing and maintenance. You should always keep it in mind. You need to clean the fiber optic interface on the test equipment and fiber optic connectors before you actually doing the test. You need to clean the fiber optic connector or interfaces regularly in your daily maintenance. Various fiber optic cleaning methods are created. No matter you use dry cleaning or wet cleaning, basic tools are needed. However, we might be confused during the selecting of the fiber optic cleaning tools, cause there are so many different kinds of fiber optic connectors, interfaces and working environments. This post is to introduce the most commonly used fiber optic cleaners for different kinds fiber optic connectors.

One-Push Fiber Optic Cleaner

One-push fiber optic cleaner is one of the most popular fiber optic cleaner which eliminate the use of alcohol or solvents. Thus, it can save time efficiently with excellent performance. I would like to call it “Click and Cleaned”. Here I will introduce how to used one push fiber optic cleaner firstly.

The following picture is the top of an one-push connector, the cleaning tip of the cleaner is covered with a guide cap for fiber optic connectors. A cover is on the top of the guide cap, which can provide protection to the cleaning tip combining with the guide cap.

LC top

If you need to clean a fiber optic connector, the guide cap plays the function of a fiber optic adapter. Insert the cleaning tip into the connector with the guide cap as shown in the following picture, and press the cleaner until you hear a click. Then a cleaning is done by fiber optic cleaner.
LC cleaning

If you need to clean a fiber optic adapter, you should firstly remove the whole guide cap on the one-push cleaner. Then insert the cleaning tip into the adapter as shown in the following picture. Just by simple pressing, until you hear the click, a cleaning for a fiber optic adapter is done. It is very useful during test, cause the test equipment usually have an interface of adapter.

Adapter cleaning

Different types of connectors might have ferrules of different sizes. Thus, there are also accordance fiber optic cleaners for various connectors. Introduces several popular one-push fiber optic cleaners for different connectors.

One-Push Cleaner for LC/MU 1.25mm Ferrules

1.25mm ferrules

  • Price: $35.00
  • Item Part Number: ATC-NE-E1
  • Package Form: One-push cleaner
  • Target Use: LC, MU
  • Cleaning Times: Over 750 times per unit

One-Push Cleaner for SC/ST/FC 2.5mm Ferrules

2.5mm ferrules

  • Price: $35.00
  • Item Part Number: ATC-NE-E3
  • Package Form: One-push cleaner
  • Target Use: SC, ST, FC, LSH
  • Cleaning Times: Over 750 times per unit

One-Push Cleaner for MTP/MPO Connector

MTP MPO cleaner

  • Price: $45.00
  • Item Part Number: ATC-NE-M1
  • Package Form: One-push cleaner
  • Target Use: MTP/MPO
  • Cleaning Times: Over 600 times per unit
Reel-Type Fiber Optic Cleaner

Reel-type fiber optic cleaner contains a refillable lint free reel of cloth that is moved after each cleaning, always presenting a clean surface. Reel-type fiber optic cleaners come in different package forms, but most of them are cassette form.

This type of fiber optic cleaner is able to clean a wide rage of fiber optic connectors, which also avoid the using of alcohol or solvents. The following shows the basic structure of a reel-type fiber optic cleaner and its replacement tape. The cleaning with this cleaner is also very simple. Firstly depress lever to expose cleaning slot and cloth. Second, slide the connector end face gently. Third, keep connector perpendicular to cleaning surface. Then a cleaning is done.

reel type cleaner fiber optic cleaners

CLE-BOX Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner for LC/MU/SC/FC/ST/MPO/MTRJ

  • Price: $19.00
  • Item Part Number: FOCC-301
  • Package Form: Cassette cleaner
  • Target Use: LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, D4, DIN Connector
  • Cleaning Times: Over 500 times per unit

Replacement Tape for CLE-BOX Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner

  • Price: $14.00
  • Item Part Number: FCRS-301
  • Package Form: Cassette cleaner
  • Target Use: Replace tape for cassette cleaner
  • Cleaning Times: Over 500 times per unit

The above mentioned fiber optic cleaners are just a small part of the cleaning product family and are generally for dry cleaning. Kindly visit FS.COM or contact sales@fs.com for more details about the wet cleaning for other fiber optic cleaning products.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit on the market can be divided to four types based on the cleaning method.

Dry Cleaning: Optic cleaning without the use of any solvent.
Wet Cleaning: Optic cleaning with a solvent. Typically IPA (isopropyl alcohol).
Non-Abrasive Cleaning: Cleaning without abrasive material touching the fiber optic connector end face. Examples are air dusters or pressured solvent jet used in automated in-situ connector cleaners.
Abrasive Cleaning: The popular lint free wipes, reel based Cletop fiber connector cleaners and optic cleaning swabs.

Wipe Paper or Cloth

The traditional way of fiber optic cleaning is to use wipe paper or cloth to clean the optical fiber connector endface. This fiber optic cleaning method is inherently abrasive and sometimes can induce scratches. This dry cleaning step is also necessary after a wet cleaning to remove solvent residue. Lint free cleaning condition is necessary in fiber optic industry. Used with alcohol, this nearly lint free tissue is ideal for fiber and connector end face cleaning.

Connector Reel Cleaner
Connector reel cleaner is a dry cleaning method with a quick, reliable operation and uniform results. They use 2 micrometer weaved polyester cloth to clean optical fiber connectors. One reel cleaner tape may be used for over 400 cleanings. Additional replacement tapes are available and allow continued use of the outer case. This is an abrasive fiber optic cleaning method but pad underneath cleaning cloth mitigates this significantly. Cletop and Optipop are the two most popular brands for reel connector cleaners. We also have the cheaper OAM reel connector cleaners.

Precision swabs with mini top. These swabs come in 2.5mm and 1.25mm versions. They are designed for dry cleaning fiber optic connector mating sleeves, bulkhead adapters and receptacles. To clean the endface of connectors already installed in patch panels and hardware devices, you insert the connector cleaning swabs into the bulkhead adapter or receptacle, make the tip contact the connector endface, make a single turn and then pull the stick out and dispose. You should never reuse a cleaning swabs. This is an abrasive fiber optic cleaning method but a resilient stick head mitigates.

One-push Cleaner

This pen cleaner or One-push method is specially designed for fiber optic connectors plugged in patch panels and hardware devices. It’s more like an automated swabs, which allows the cleaning of the end-faces of fiber connectors and in-adapter ferrules with one simple action. The replaceability of the cleaning thread enables the re-utilisation of the cleaning tool, thus avoiding the disposal of the whole tool when the thread is due to be changed. Each replaceable thread provides over 750 ferrule cleaning cycles. The pen cleaner features a special microfiber tissue that removes all contaminations and secures them. Its antistatic property prevents static load that could bring new contamination after the cleaning.They can be used on PC and APC (angled) polished connectors. Both 1.25mm and 2.5mm versions are available. AFL Fujikura, Neoclean and Huxcleaner are popular brands for the one-click cleaners.

We also have the cheaper one-SKU01808O, which is is designed to effectively and quickly clean connector endfaces, both the unmated patchcord and through the adaptor. It cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. It is very easy to use and suitable for all 1.25mm and 2.5mm ferrule connectors.

Fiber Optic Cleaning products is being highly recommended as a kind of very important tool for electrical manufactures. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment. With the increasingly growth of using Gigabit Ethernet in our daily life, the importance of keeping the fiber clean is not allowed to be ignored. Any contamination in the fiber connection can cause failure of the component or failure of the whole system. We fiberstore provide many kinds of fiber cleaners such as fiber connector cleaner, Fujikura cleaner, Optical Connector Cleaning Cards, etc. to ease or remove all kind of dirty particles, such as dust, dripping, moist. And the quality is highly confirmed. Buy it with 100% confidence.