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ULA Marine Fiber Achieved The Recuction Of 100Gb/s Signal Attenuation

FiberStore news, OFS, innovative fiber optic network products designer, manufacturer and supplier, recently introduced TeraWave ™ ULA marine optical fiber, which is a new single-mode fiber specially designed for 100 Gb/s coherent transmission of the transmission distance up to 12,000km undersea systems. TeraWave ULA fiber allows more wavelengths with higher transmission speed over sea.

TeraWave ULA is a major breakthrough of marine optical fiber technology, a unique combination of the maximum effective area and excellent cabling performance, but also can greatly reduce the signal attenuation of 100Gb/s reliable coherent transoceanic transmission distance. The effective area of the optical fiber greatly (153 square microns) reduce the nonlinear, allowing to send higher signal power to spans, while improving the signal loss (0.176 dB/km under 1550nm).

For short-distance transmission, such fiber can provide even better nonlinear performance, while improving spectral efficiency.

OFS uses proprietary technology for producing TeraWave ULA fiber, provides low water peak (LWP) performance and low polarization mode dispersion (PMD).

This new fiber is designed for the use of advanced modulation formats and coherent detection distance networks optimization,for example, the greatly distance between the coast and the terminal limit overseas network of DWDM transmission. Compared with previous generations of submarine fiber optic, TeraWave ULA optical fiber can reduce the performance limitations caused by fiber nonlinearity, thus providing higher spectral efficiency and lower repeater spacing.

For applications without using a repeater, hanging cable and deepwater intersection, also can make full use of the large effective area advantage of TeraWave SLA ocean optical fiber, the higher power handling capability without additional distortion, means the longer distance can be distributed more high speed channels before amplification.

For all its marine fiber optic communication, OFS can be painted and splicing of TeraWave ULA, in order to meet the critical requirements of fiber optic cables. The fiber is carefully selected to meet the specifications of quantity, color, length and transmission properties of customers. And then assembled into a bundle, and the final measurement on the wire harness, to ensure all of its fibers are up to the performance requirements customer specified.

Why Have Bulk Fiber Cables Been The Backbone In Networks

With the creation of modern technology, it is apparent that computer data needs a faster and more economical way of travelling around. Many new networks will choose to use bulk fiber cable instead of traditional copper based cables to increase the capability and speed of the network.

Fiber optic cable transmission has the benefits of lightweight, small size, long transmission distance, large capacity, small signal attenuation, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and has been widely adopted by a number of networks. With the creation of the twenty-first century, the fiber optic cables, especial the bulk fiber cable will definitely constitute the primary body of our data transmission, telecommunications, CATV and radio network along with other dedicated networks.

There are many who would argue that the expense involved aren’t worthwhile for smaller installations, but buying bulk fiber cable can give you huge savings, making prices almost comparable. As with most bulk cable purchases, you will likely be anticipated to chop the cable and attach the fiber optic connectors yourself, which will not be a serious problem if you know how it operates.

In short, bulk fiber cable is really a network cable that actually works in exactly the same just like any other fiber optic cable. Rather than using copper as a conductor, fiber cables use glass fibers as a transportation approach of data. Unlike current driven cables such as CAT5 and CAT6, a fiber cable uses pulses of sunshine to transfer data with much less loss over long distances. In order to give you an idea of just how much data this type of cable is designed for, it has been tested at speeds well over one hundred megabits with very slight lack of signal.

Because you can transfer a signal over distances of kilometers rather than meters is what makes using bulk fiber cable such an appealing prospect. Setting a network over extended distances used to require a constant setup of signal repeaters across the entire cabling to get a continuous connection. Having to only use one bit of cable instead, actually makes the cost of fiber cable a lot more manageable for larger installations.

While the technology behind this kind of cabling is still fairly fresh, you will notice that network installations are becoming much faster plus much more consistent these days. While purchasing a choice of different cable lengths can quickly eat right into a budget, making your personal will save you huge sums of money in contrast. Considering that many networks have only recently been upgraded to CAT6 cabling, a lot of companies should probably wait a while before they make the jump to the fiber cable. Any organization that’s thinking about installing the best possible network solution should really look at using fiber cable to complete the job, and purchasing bulk fiber cable will assist you to reduce the overall cost by a minimum of a few.

Bulk fiber cables come in many different types, based on where it will be installed. You can find reliable bulk fiber cables on the Internet Market. For example, China fiber optic products supplier FiberStore supplies a wide range of optical fiber cable products including indoor cables, Outdoor Cables, FTTH Cables, Armored Cables, LSZH cables and some special cables. They’re diverse as Aerial Cables, Building Cables, direct buried cables, Duct Cables, Underwater/Submarine cables. Some of the ophthalmic fibers come with steel tube and steel wire armored, suitable for sea, lake and river applications. Only optical fiber that fits or exceeds industry standards can be used to make sure quality products with best-in-class performance.