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Is Fiberstore’s SFP Transceiver the Best with Cisco/Juniper/HP

According to our experience, they are so many customers will ask whether Fiberstore’s sfp modules are compatibile with Cisco, Juniper, HP, Extreme, Huawei, Nortel, Netgear and other brands when they query for them.

To be honest, Fiberstore can provide SFP modules which can comaptible with one of these brands. But there is no” YES” or “NO” answered to the question of Cisco/Juniper/HP etc compatibility; it depends on the manufacturer’s equipment. Best recommendation is to field try any alternative party component first. Compatibility has nothing regarding the functions of the transceiver, only in recognizing ID code and selecting to lock out alternative party SFP or not. All Fiberstore’s SFP are manufactured relative to SFF (the Small Form Factor consortium).

SFP introduced “manufacturer coding” within the transceiver. The idea of having html coding was actually meant for network management software to be able to ‘inventory’ the pluggable adventures within the network.
However Cisco and some other appliance manufactures (Alcatel is another), used the html coding scheme to lock out all the other alternative party transceivers except those that had the same host equipment’s ID code. Basically this allowed Cisco yet others to monopolize the transceivers for their equipment and charge three to five times the market value for those transceivers.

Now Fiberstore help all the dealers solve the problem and help all of your save three or five times of the cost.
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  • Manufacturer: Fiberstore
  • Product Type: SFP transceiver module
  • Data Rate: 1Gbps
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Transfer Distance: 550m
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex
  • Cable Type: Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)