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Several Common Types Of Fiber Optic Cables And Patch Cables

1.FTTH Indoor Cable

FTTH (Fiber To The Home), as its name suggests it is a fiber optic directly to the home. Specifically, FTTH refers to the optical network unit (ONU) mounted on home users or business users, is the optical access network application type of closest to users in optical access series except FTTD(fiber to the desktop).

There are 5 main advantages of FTTH:
First, it is a passive network, from the end to the user, the intermediate can be basically passive;
Second, the bandwidth is relatively wide, long distance fits the massive use of operators;
Third, because it is carried business in the fiber, and there is no problem;
Fourth, because of its relatively wide bandwidth, supported protocol is more flexible;
Fifth, with the development of technology, including point-to-point, 1.25G and FTTH have established relatively perfect function.

2. Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

Indoor optical cable is classified according to the using environment, as opposed to outdoor fiber optic cable.

Indoor optical cable is a cable composed of fiber optic (optical transmission medium) after a certain process. Mainly by the optical fiber (glass fiber is as thin as hair),plastic protective tube and plastic sheath. There is no gold, silver, copper and aluminum and other metal, fiber optic cable generally has no recycling value.

Indoor fiber optic cable is a certain amount of fiber optic forming to cable core according to a certain way, outsourcing jacket, and some also coated layer of protection, to achieve a communication line of light signal transmission.

Indoor cable is small tensile strength, poor protective layer, but also more convenient and cheaper. Indoor cable mainly used in building wiring, and connections between network devices.

3. Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Outdoor fiber optic cable, used for outdoor environment, the opposite of indoor fiber cable.

Outdoor cable is a type of communication line to achieve light signal transmission, is composed of a certain amount of fiber optic forming to cable core according to a certain way, outsourcing jacket, and some also coated with outer protective layer.

Outdoor cable is mainly consists of optical fiber (glass fiber is as thin as hair), plastic protection tube and plastic sheath. There is no gold, silver, copper and aluminum and other metal cable, generally no recycling value.

Outdoor cable is greater tensile strength, thick protective layer, and usually armored(wrapped in metal). Outdoor cables are mainly applied to buildings, and remote networks interconnection.

4.Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Fiber optic patch cable, also known as fiber jumper, used to connect from the device to fiber optic cabling link. Fiber jumper has a thick protective layer, generally used in the connection between the fiber converter and Fiber Termination Box. Commonly used fiber jumpers include: ST, LC, FC and SC.

Main Categories
Single-mode fiber patch cable: General single-mode fiber jumper is colored in yellow, connector and protective sleeve are blue; long transmission distance.

Multi-mode fiber patch cable: General multimode fiber jumper is colored in orange and some in gray, connector and protective sleeve are beige or black and the transmission distance is short.

Fiber optic jumper connector interpretation:
SC Connector: square fiber optical connector;
FC Connector: round with thread;
ST Connector: similar to BNC;
LC Connector: transceiver separation structure;
MT-RJ Connector: square, one with double fiber;
PC Connector: direct contact;
APC Connector:8 degree tilt angle of contact surface;
UPC Connector: arc contact surface.

Chongqing Took Special Action for The Broadband China 2013

Chongqing communications construction have made a big progress. Chongqing general board will take “broadband China 2013″ special activity and “fiber optic network, broadband wireless Chongqing” construction.

In accordance with the implementation of plan, Chongqing will implement the new 900,000 FTTH fiber to the home in 2013. FTTH fiber optic cable covers a total of 2.5 million households; 10000 new 3G and 4G base stations, the 3G and 4G base stations are in a total of 29000; New 40000 public area wireless LAN access points, so as to promote the fixed broadband Internet users which reaches 5 million, 7.5 million units of 3G and 4G users.

In terms of communication development, Chongqing focus on optimizing the backbone and metropolitan area network carrying capacity, to promote broadband speed, improve administrative villages broadband, optical fiber access rate to speed up the IOT business innovation and development, support cloud computing test construction. At the same time, the ministry of industry of Chongqing issued a “rural schools through broadband”, under the condition of the communications, industry in the city take the self-imposed stress for 100 poor rural primary and secondary schools to provide broadband access and speed up reconstruction.

For the Implementation plan, it will concentrate the power of industry, accelerate the development of fiber optic network infrastructure, sped up “optical network, broadband wireless Chongqing construction”, to provide more efficient and high quality service to the majority of telecom users, make positive contribution to local economic development.

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