About HP J4858a J4858b J4858c SFP transceivers in detail

As a professional fiber optic manufacturer based in China, Fiberstore is committed to providing a full range of HP compatible transceiver modules including HP SFP Transceivers, HP X2 Transceivers, HP XENPAK Transceivers, HP SFP+ Transceivers, HP GBIC Transceivers and more. HP SFP transceiver like HP 1000Base-SX SFP (J4858a, J4858b, J4859c) are completely compatible with all HP series switches and modules which support SFP transceivers. Here is the brief introduction on HP J4858a, J4858b, J4859c SFP Transceivers.


This HP SFP J4858A is a high performance, cost effective module supporting dual data-rate of 1.25Gbps/1.0625Gbps and 500m transmission distance on MMF. It is fully compatible with Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). It can be inserted in or removed from host chassis without shutting power of the host system. It uses an 850 nm VCSEL laser for LR-2 applications.



This HP compliant J4858B is a 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m transceiver module. The J4858B transceiver module provides a low cost high-performance connection. The J4858B is 100% compatible with all HP series switches and modules which support SFP transceivers.


This J4858C HP SFP transceiver replacement for HP 1000Base-SX 850nm 500M SFP Fast Ethernet SFP optical transceiver is comply with Fast Ethernet Standards and up to 1.25Gbps data rate, J4858C is high performance, cost effective module supporting 550m transmission distance with MMF. The transmitter section uses a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitted Laser (VCSEL) and is a Class 1 laser compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC 60825, the receiver section uses an Integrated GaAs Detector Preamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC. This J4858C HP SFP is designed for multi-mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm.

HP SFP J4858a, J4858b, J4859c Features:
Form Factor: Plug-in module
Device Type: Transceiver module
Product Type: SFP
Data Rate: 1.25Gbps
Wavelength: 850nm
Datarange: 550m
Connector Type: LC Duplex
Cable Type: Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)
DDM: Without DDM
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Compliant with MSA SFP Specification

As a specialist in fiber optic product wholesaler field in China, Fiberstore provides large quantity of J4858A, J4858B, J4859C HP SFC transceivers for your sourcing or drop shipment All of these 1000Base-SX HP SFP J4858A, J4858B, J4859C transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. Besides, we also provide customized service per your request:

Fiberstore Labels
Specific Labels as Request
No Labels

Anti-static bag
Retail Box with Fiberstore Brand
Retail Box with customer’s Brand
Retail Box without any Brand

Fiberstore’s HP SFP transceiver and other HP compatible products are totally brand new other thant second hand ones. You can wholesale or drop ship from us with peace of mind. For more Fiberstore, please feel free to visit the official site or directly contact Fiberstore service ( Service@fs.com)

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