FS7002 series fiber optic light sources

FS7002 series fiber optic light sources include : FS7002 (1310/1550nm), FS7002A (850/1300nm),
FS7002B (850/1310/1550nm), FS7002P (1490/1310/1550nm).

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Manufacturers: Fiberstore

FS7002 Handheld Laser source series is microprocessor-controlled intelligent Handheld Laser source. It can be used to test the usual single-mode optical fiber connector loss, a single-mode fiber-optic network, LAN, FDDI, ATM, FTTH fiber optic systems, It also can test the telecommunications networks, CATV systems which need large dynamic range test system maintenance. The handheld stable source with the international advanced level in the micro-processing hardware ,software technology , microelectronic technology, and surface mount (SMT) technology provides its users with high performance, high reliability, which are the best performance at home and the most practical appearance of the light source. With the current international advanced level, handheld light source provides continuous or modulated light output (2 KHz) in the state of the two working conditions.

Our typical FS7002 series fiber optic light source provide 5 wavelength optional in the 850nm and 1300/1310/1550/1490nm

Fiberstore fiber optic light sources are compact size and user friendly design, they are hand-held equipment with big LCD displaying screen, stable and powerful output, single button to change wavelength, and the light sources are with FC/SC/ST universal adapters to fit different kinds of connectors.

Larger and more stable output power comparable to desktop source stabilized output
Using the single key to switch the wavelength is flexible and convenient
High reliability
Universal interface has three types of adapter: FC /SC / ST
Easy to operate
Small size/light weight
Battery-powered, convenient field work, omnipotence joint Backlight at night

Fiber production and research devices
Fiber Network Testing and Maintenance
Optical Communication Teaching and Test

Fiberstore is your reliable supplier of optical light source, and all of it have been 100% tested before delivery. If you need this fiber optic light source FS7002 with three different wavelengths at a large quantity or have any problems or special requirement, please feel free to contact us. http://www.fs.com/