How to troubleshoot the glitch of the Video Fiber Extender Quickly

If you have a video fiber extender, you may sometimes find it doesn’t work as expected, expecially the first time you connect it. Such questions as not working properly, or optical light is not on etc. In a word, there will be some technical issues need to be consulted after you have connected the video fiber extender or during testing. It is inconvenience to define the problems due to the geographical limitations so that sometimes a simple problem has to spend a lot of time and effort. For the convenience of our customers, Fiberstore summarize some past experiences of solving the problems on video fiber extender and tell you how to troubleshoot the glitch of the Video Fiber Extender Quickly during your installation and testing. Let’s explore together in this paper.

Reception Problem of Electrical Signals
When we meet this problem, we always use the alternative method for fast troubleshooting. Specific methods are as follows:

Firstly, we should confirm that power supply is normal, and then ensure the entire signal whether is connected correctly. After the above two steps, if it is still no a display screen, we could disconnect the fiber optic connector end of the device and remain cables and power unchanged. If the creen displays ”snow”after the fiber being disconnected, it indicate the optical fiber connections is normal before disconnecting the fiber. In general, “snow” may also states that screen works normally. Receiver not receiving a sufficient amount of an optical signal may occurs this issue. Please try to connect the fiber to the receiver again. If the screen is still black, we could confirm that the video fiber extender has no video input signal or is wrong by itself.

On the other hand, we should check the video input on the transmitter. Firstly, disconnect the signal source from the optical transmitter, and connected it to the screen directly with a video cable. If the screen is working, replace the optical transmitter. If in the case of fiber disconnected, the screen remains blank, you need to check whether all connections of the screen are correct. If all connections are no problem, replace the receiver or screen and have a try.

About the “snow”, there are some method to deal with. If there is “snow” in the video images, detect optical power into the receiver with an optical power meter. If the optical power in line with the requirements of the receiver, there may be a problem of the receiver. Replace the receiver and have another try untill you solve the problem. If the problem still exist, replace the transmitter and have a try. If the optical power of the receiver below the calibration value, you could check the transmitter light output with a power meter and fiber optic jumpers. If the output meets the specifications, it may be an optical fiber or optical connector problem. Clean the optical connector and verify that you make the correct choice of optical transmitters based on the type and length of the optical fiber connection. If the light output is still low, you should replace the transmitter.

Control Problem of Video Optic Extender to Camera Connection
Firtly, we should confirm that video fiber extender works normally which indicates that the fiber is available. The bigger the fiber attenuation, the greater the loss of video is than the lost control data of PTZ. Before PTZ control signal transmission, check TD (data activity) LED light on the receiver. Normal situation is that when the data transfer, the indicator light or flash following your operation. If it is not, the problem source will be the receiver. The problem will be obvious when you get a replacement of a same type of receiver.

If you still have any question with your Fiberstore’s video fiber extender and can’t solve it according to this paper, you could contact us by log in our website: or send E-mail to us. Fiberstore is always your good alternative for your video fiber extender demands.