Introduction of Underground Wire Locator

When first introduced approximately 40 years ago, underground wire locator needed to do little more than find buried water, gas, or sewer lines. Today, locating has become more complex as telecommunications wires join utility lines in the underground environment. Surprisingly, though, today`s underground wire locator can transmit power across densely populated or areas where land is costly or environmentally or aesthetically sensitive with the same basic technology.

Most of the time, the wires that you are locating are buried four or five feet underground. You definitely do not want to start digging and risk causing more damage. But you can solve this problem without any damage by using an underground wires locator. What is this underground wire locator composed of?

The underground wire locator is generally consisted of two parts, a hand-held receiver and compact transformer. Both are battery-powered, relatively light and housed in weather-resistant cases. The receiver locates underground lines by detecting magnetic fields created by electrical current passing through cable or tracer wires. Information is displayed in a window at the top of the receiving unit. The receiver unit is all that is needed to locate live electrical cable and in some instances, the receiver alone may be able to locate passive signals of communications wires. While the receiver gets that signal, allowing the locator operator to trace the signal’ s path and follow the cable being located.

Underground Wire Locator
The Features of underground wire locator

  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry
  • Detection method is simple, easy to maintain, with automatic protection function
  • Low supply voltage and applicability
  • Transmitter power, high efficiency
  • Detection error is small, anti-interference ability
  • Stable and reliable performance

With its functions of identifying particular wires and their locations, creating an electromagnetic field, setting on a specific frequency, it can detect any interruptions or deviations that could signal a problem. Since you have known its features and functions, you may be curious about how to use it properly.

It is important to make sure to use the wire locator appropriately as it is a delicate procedure when considering that electricity and wiring is involved. Make sure to take the necessary precautions while maintaining the wire locator adequately to avoid misuse and any resultant defects. When you operate the underground wire locator, you should pay attention to the following procedures before operation:

  • Purchase a reputable underground wire locator
  • Test the voltage power
  • Make the necessary tests beforehand
  • Follow wire locating procedure
  • Continuity testing

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