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FiberStore Offers Custom Services Of Cabling System

As the rapid development of IT technology, along with the popularity of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit network applications, cabling system requires more bandwidth and higher speed. Facing the increasing demand situation, fiber optic cabling products, due to its high bandwidth, light weight, long transmission distance and other advantages, not only have been widely used in the backbone cabling system, but also involve FTTX.

In intelligent buildings, most applications use multimode fiber optic cable. Compared with single mode fiber optic cable, multimode cable is with a larger core diameter and good light signal transmission channel. Due to relatively stable quality of common Fiber Adapters and cables in fiber optical systems, more system failures are in connection. Currently there are two common methods in fiber optic connection, namely fiber splicing and fiber polishing. The use of professional fiber optic fusion splicer can guarantee the quality of the connection and the success rate. Splicing lead to a less connection loss, generally less than 0.2dB, it is recommended to use splicing.

Fiber products supplied by FiberStore such as fiber pigtails and fiber optic patch cables are composed of high quality fiber, ceramic ferrule, high quality connector, by using special fiber polishing machine from large to fine of five grinding process, finally using professional fiber jumper tester, ensure the stability of the fiber optical system. At the same time, according to the different environmental requirements, fiber patch cables can be matched with different sheath (PVC, flame retardant PVC, LSZH,etc.). According to different network requirements, fiber patch cords can be mixed with different types of fiber termination ends (PC, APC, UPC). Therefore, in the description of a fiber jumper, the transfer type (single mode, multimode), both termination ends connector type (ST, SC, LC, FC, MTRJ etc.), surface structure type (PC, APC, UPC), number of cores (single core, multi cores), length (1 meter, 2 meters, etc.), sheathed flame-retardant degree (normal, low smoke zero halogen, etc.) all needed to describe clearly. Otherwise, you may get a fiber does not work well, leading to a great interference to the whole wiring system, which may cause inestimable losses to the entire IT network.

FiberStore Technology as a global supplier of cabling system, has rich experience in cabling products production. Each cable is guaranteed to with high quality and perform excellently, in order to bring a higher quality of the connection. Moreover, FiberStore provides custom services, you can based on your own special requirements. FiberStore entures all custom products will fully meet your expectation.

The Wider and Wider Broadband, Which Benefits Cables Management Suppliers

MITT(Ministry of Industry and Information) published news that the ministry, the national development and reform commission eight departments jointly issued “on the implementation of broadband’s opinions on China’s 2013 special action, points out that more than 4M broadband users in China will exceed 70% in 2013. Analysts believe that the Internet companies are expected to benefit from broadband equipment suppliers.

“Opinions” pointed out that in 2013, the new FTTH fiber to the home fiber optic patch cables family covered more than 35 million units, 3G base station across 180000, 1.3million new WLAN access point. Universal scale expands unceasingly to benefit the people. The new fixed broadband Internet users more than 25 million units, the new 3G users, new broadband administrative villages, 18000, 5000 poor rural areas by accelerated the broadband access or modification of primary and secondary schools, a user use above 4M access more than 70%.

Cic’s consultant in the IT industry researcher Wang Ningyuan analysis that the ministry had issued a number of policies to promote the development of the broadband industry, the above opinion is a complement to the policy, put forward specific requirements for broadband industry development. Mainly in rural areas, urban old residential area of cables management broadband and wireless broadband, and guide enterprises to actively expand remote rural market, and to improve broadband fiber optic network industry.

Mr. Zhang thinks that from the perspective of the investment returns, China Unicom is a mature network system suppliers; ZTE in base station construction will have certain positive, investors can focus on for a long time. Additionally notable sector stocks, optical equipment suppliers such as zhongtian technology; Mobile device accessories manufacturers such as Wu Tong communications, Da Fu technology,etc.

But Wang Ningyuan also reminded investors, broadband stocks p/e ratio is generally on the high side, the ministry has introduced various policies, such opinion to the positive role of the market is limited, not enough to support the current high earnings expectations.