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China Optical Fiber To The Home will Release 8 Trillion Business Opportunities

From global telecommunications network investment development in the last five years, China has become a leading global network equipment, which is one of the main kinetic energy market growth. As the optical FTTH(fiber to the home) FTTH patch cables policy, RMB 600 billion forecast will bring business opportunities, in addition to the infrastructure construction, the Chinese are optimistic forecasts for the whole broadband policy related investment on the upstream and downstream industry more than 1.6 million yuan. In addition to broadband policy, China to accelerate the development of 4 g, driven optical fiber and CNC equipment performance grow.

Housing and urban-rural development, according to media reports, China’s ministry of industry and information technology, has issued “residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home fiber optic transmission facilities engineering design specification”, “residential area and residential buildings fiber-to-the-home fiber optic transmission facilities engineering construction and acceptance norms”, the two national standards, to the situation of the implementation of the optical fiber to the home for the first time to make mandatory provisions.

According to the rules, from April 1, in public telecommunication network is optical fiber transmission. New residential and residential construction of communications facilities, should use optical fiber to the home way construction, at the same time, encourage and support the conditional towns, rural housing project.

According to internet service providers, if you want to complete “250 million broadband users, access speed urban family an average of more than 20 m rural averaged more than 4 m in 2015,”, individual operators, the total cost of the national broadband network construction, will need about 200 billion yuan to 280 billion yuan, the three operators will exceed 600 billion yuan total construction cost.

China ministry of industry and in the “broadband China 2013″ conference earlier this year has also suggested to add FTTH (fiber to the home) covering number exceeds 35 million goals. Ministry of industry and at the same time, according to the last year China FTTH coverage expanded to 94 million households.

The Biggest Ratio eOTDR Prototype

Huawei announced that they have successfully developed the industry’s largest spectral built-in optical time domain reflection tester, which maximum support is 1:64, through the network simulation, its precision is up to 5 meters. The technique breakthrough marked the eOTDR technology has reached FTTHPON network commercial networking requirements.

Embedded Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, which is short for eOTDR. It’s the utilization of scattering light in optical fiber transmission and precision instrument, is mainly used for optical fiber quality detection and fault location, etc. Traditional external OTDR test system in PON FTTH network maintenance and fault detection, the need to change the ODN physical optical fiber connection, the system has high cost, difficult to implement.

With the development of FTTx, optical fiber developed quickly. Operators increase investments for fiber optic network year by year. How to manage cables management quickly and efficiently, to reduce OPEX, become the urgent demand of operators FTTx network construction.

Huawei eOTDR prototype through the built-in OTDR in OLTPON optical module, which can judge the fiber’s physical connection. At the same time, the built-in OTDR module and ordinary optical module size is consistent. Operators will place ordinary optical module with built-in OTDR optical module, but can not change the FTTx fiber physical network, also do not need ONT extra coordinate positioning, to avoid the external engineering of OTDR test, shorten the time needed for a fiber fault location, reduce the fiber optic fault management costs.

The industry mainstream manufacturers provide 1:8 eOTDR product ratio, after many years of technical research and experimental verification, the breakthrough to develop the  1:64 eOTDR prototype, covering the mainstream of FTTH patch cables construction scene, marked the eOTDR technology realized, breakthroughs from lab scale to commercial technological.