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How to Use Optical Power Meter

To ensure the signal transmission performance in fiber optic network, optical power should be well controlled. Optical power should not be too high or too low. And it should be within the scope of the device’s requirement. To achieve accurate measurement, optical power meter is usually used to test the optical power. But How to use optical power meter? This post will make an illustration of the power meter components and then state how to use optical power meter.

Buttons on Optical Power Meter

The functions and operation of optical power meters provided by the market are similar. Generally there are four buttons on the optical power meter: power button, dBm/w button, REF button and λ button. The functions of these buttons are listed in the following:

  • Power button: turn the power meter on or off;
  • dBm/w button: shift between linear (mW) mode and logarithmic (dBm) mode;
  • REF button: press this button to set the current measured power as the referent point;
  • λ button: select the calibrated wavelength. The most commonly used wavelengths are 850nm, 980nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm.

Here takes an example of a typical handheld optical power meter (FOPM-104) which is designed by FS.COM as shown in the following picture.how to use optical power meter: buttons

Adapter Type of Optical Power Meter

To use the optical power meter, a length of fiber optic patch cable is usually required to connect the optical power meter interface and the interface of devices requiring test. For instance, if the interface on the fiber optic power meter is FC, the device for testing has a LC interface. Then a length of FC-LC fiber patch cable is needed. Some of the optical power meters have only one fixed optical interface. Some can provide replaceable optical adapter to fit different patch cables. The above mentioned FOPM-104 handheld optical power meter provides three type adapters: SC, FC and ST (as shown in the following picture).optical power meter adapter

For testing of fiber optic interface like LC, SC, ST and FC, this above power meter is enough. Some optical power meter might have two optical interfaces for common connectors. However, interface like MTP/MPO, optical power meter with special interface should be used. The following picture shows a MTP optical power meter provided by FS.COM, which can be used to test devices or components with MTP interfaces like 40G SR4 QSFP+ transceiver.how to use optical power meter: adapter types

Optical Power Measurement Using Optical Power Meter

How to use optical power meter? It can be easy. The following video will take the example of 10G-LR SFP+ Cisco compatible module to illustrate how to use optical power meter for testing. This cisco compatible transceiver will be inserted in Cisco Nexus 9396PX switch. A length of single-mode LC-FC fiber patch cable is required. This is because 10G-LR SFP+ transceiver is a single-mode transceiver working on wavelength of 1310nm. After the optical power meter is connected to the module. Turn on the power button and press λ button to select 1310nm wavelength. At first the power value will change rapidly, then it slows down until still. The final power value will be shown on the screen.


This post introduces the buttons and adapter types of optical power meters, and illustrates how to use optical power meter with the aid of both text and video. Kindly visit Optical Power Meter page or contact sales@fs.com for more details.

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                             Optical Power Meter (OPM): A Must for Fiber Cable Testing

Fiberstore Optical Power Meter Solutions

With the rapidly development of science technology, the fiber optic cables becomes more and more popular. When you install and terminate fiber optic cables, you need to test them. A test should be conducted for each fiber optic cable plant for three main areas: continuity, loss, and power. In order to do this, you’ll need a fiber optic power meter. There are two types of Optical Power Meters: Optical Power Meter and PON Optical Power Meter. This text mainly states two typical Fiberstore Optical Power Meters: FS6070B and PON Power Meter FS607P.

Optical Power Meter FS6070B
Optical Power Meter FS6070B stands for Ordinary Optical Power Meter. Power Meter FS6070 series with a chip microcomputer control and the large-screen graphics LCD, it can provide precision measurement from 850 to 1625nm wavelength ranges. The FS6070B power meter can test the PM power to the light, light stability, insertion loss, optical transmittance, reflectance of light and so on. It widely used in optical communications, Telecom, Fiber Optical Sensors etc. It is indispensable for scientific research and engineering construction.

Optical Power Meter FS6070B


  • Self-calibration function
  • High performance import laser detector
  • High sensitivity and large dynamic range
  • 0.01dBm precision
  • Automatically converted Range
  • Small size, light weight, high reliability
  • Battery-powered, convenient field work
  • Line display or relative loss displayed


  • Fiber optic production and research
  • Test and maintain fiber-optic network
  • Teach and test optical communication

PON Power Meter FS607P
PON optical power meter is used to design, operate and maintain FTTX networks. It is able to measure the optical power values of voice, data and video signals concurrently. It is an ideal choice for the construction and maintenance of FTTX networks. The FS607P is with high quality HD TFT color LCD, and the dual-port through the design, guarantee the full communication testing from the OLT to the ONT.

PON Power Meter FS607P


  • Provide simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm, 1550nm, 1310nm)
  • Use in Burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream
  • Dual-port through the design, guarantee the full communication testing from the OLT to the ONT
  • Three status LEDs represents different optical signal conditions of Pass, Warn and Fail respectively
  • Easy to use, simply connect the fiber to read the results
  • HD TFT color LCD
  • USB communication port enables data transfer, easy and quick
  • 200 measurement items can be saved in PON power meter or computer for data review
  • Through the background software setting threshold, upload data, calibration wavelength
  • Auto power off function, and time settings on the device, the threshold setting


  • FTTx / PON opening: In the opening stage of all PON signals are measured to verify and ensure that meet network standards
  • FTTx / PON maintenance: routine maintenance of various transport issues, such as: connector end surface contamination, fiber macro bending, breaking, Optical fault, etc.; that will have a loss of signal or transmission performance simultaneously measure and display 1310 upstream, 1490 downstream and 1550 downstream the power of three wavelength values.

Tips for Selection

  • Choose the best probe type and interface type.
  • Evaluation of calibration accuracy and manufacturing calibration procedures, and your fiber and connectors to match the required range.
  • Make sure the type and the range of your measurement and display resolution is consistent.
  • With immediate effect db insertion loss measurements.

Fiberstore offers a full range of optical power meters to meet all your needs. If you have any requirements, please contact us over sales@fs.com or live chat with us.